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Upstairs at The Greenwich

A long-standing fixture for jazz entertainment in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Greenwich has greatly expanded its range of activities in recent years.

Most notably, owners of the Walnut Hills area nightspot converted a large second floor apartment into a popular exhibition space for the visual artists. Christened as simply "Upstairs at the Greenwich," the gallery began a run of successful shows in June of 2002 under the direction of its initial advisory board members:

Tarrance Corbin, Chairman (U.C. associate professor, visual artist), Cedric Cox (gallery space director, visual artist), Consuelo Harris (prominent arts advocate), Hollis Hammonds (curator, instructor, visual artist), Robert O'Neal (activist, community artist).


"Upstairs at The Greenwich" art gallery continues to host exhibits highlighting the work of both established and emerging artists throughout the art communities of Cincinnati, northern Kentucky and Dayton.

The gallery seeks to broaden the current landscape of the local art scene in reaching out to all segments of the community through artistic and educational enrichment.

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